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  • No inline spellchecking in text fields.
  • Sometimes you can’t scroll a text field to the bottom of the text field. This is sort of messed up, as you can then select your way to it.
  • Still want mature ad blocking. But, it looks like the pluggable filtering may be more mature now, so I need to revisit that before getting too fussy.
  • The Internet is not yet written to get along well with Opera. Shame.
  • It’s even more irritating in doing auto form/username/password remembering than other browsers.


  • Seriously, speed dial. Love it. Never knew I needed it. But I do. It’s great.

That said, I’m still using it as my primary browser. It, like firefox, sometimes suffers at performance and sucks memory from the universe until it creates a black hole. Specifically, it seems to die slowly in proportion to how much javascript it sees. Crappy.

But less crappy than firefox.