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I always love the universes Stross creates in his singularity science fiction, but I typically hate his writing. It fills a thirst I have for more Vinge usually, but leaves me wanting.

That is, until I read Glasshouse. Take a Stross future, and then throw Richard K. Morgan and a Takeshi Kovacs story at it. Brilliant stuff. I can easily say it’s the Stross I’ve most enjoyed. Had I not already read the pile of rubbish that is Accelerando, I would be under the impression that Stross has finally grown up to become a capable author with mastery of a readable and engaging story.

If you’re a fan of the singularity genre, it’s worth a shot. If you’ve enjoyed the earlier works by Stross such as Iron Sunrise or Singularity Sky, I think you’ll find it’s the best of the three. If you started with Accelerando, well, I’m sorry, and give this one a shot just the same.