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As a great waste of time, it is possible for me to import photos on my phone and use these photos as pictures for people I call (or that call me). I’m not sure when I’ll actually see these pictures, but the facility is there.

So, I went into iPhoto to populate some photos! At the moment my library has 5439 photos, though that doesn’t include the 2734 photos that I’d scanned and digitized but have not imported into iPhoto (generally stuff I shot back in college or earlier).

It was a bit of an interesting journey. Good for me, but difficult.

Rhode Island. Belize. Cayman. Wedding. New house. Holidays. Stamford. Norwalk. Loki as a kitten. Wiki as a kitten. When I got my Andreja. When I got my macro lens. The gates in the park. Interviewing for $DAYJOB. Cape cod with Betsy to get the glass made for the wedding. Hiking. Literally thousands of flowers (the most commonly photographed thing I have, probably followed by pictures of cats). The (short) road trip with Dave. The first time I shaved my head. First time I grew out my facial hair. Seattle. California. Philadelphia. Boston. Maryland. DC. The beer can chicken. Alaska. Trying to surf in the pool. Skiing. Paris. The botanical gardens. Maine. Skip Barber. Le Bernardin. Morimoto. Sausagefest. The Ferraris I photographed and that caused me to be late picking Sarah up from an appointment.

I suppose I could go back and add blog links to most of that. But I won’t. The blog has it all in text form to complement the photo form I just browsed in iPhoto.

The first time I roasted coffee starts the library. The roll was shot on Sarah’s long dead ELPH, before I got my 20D. The ELPH that corrupted half our photos from the wedding and honeymoon. In the same album Loki got a bath. It was 2/10/05. It was snowing. I pulled some nasty shots of the new espresso on the Gaggia into an Illy “Pen Test” cup. That cup is gone now, hit when a portafilter fell from the Andreja when the fridge hit it in the galley kitchen of the apartment.

An amazing amount of stuff in two and a half years, when I look back.