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So, after years of having a phone with just a phonebook and a lot of battery life, I’ve jumped into the world of super phones. I now have a Helio Fin, complete with photo, video, 3g, web browsing, etc.

So, here’s the good old pros and cons, one week in. First the positives:

  • Seems to have reasonable battery life. Nothing at all like my LG 4600, which could go for two weeks, but still decent.
  • GPS-connected google maps is fast and works pretty well. Damn. Every phone should have this. Like the iPhone. What was Apple thinking? Such a killer app.
  • Fast web browsing. Still higher latency than I’d like, but beats an iPhone not on wifi. Of course, the on-phone browser sucks compared to Apple’s, and Opera Mini still isn’t working quite right for me.
  • I love that the external OLED display is always on, and always shows whether or not you have voicemail/messages. I wish it always showed the clock too, but I’m not too upset.
  • It’s small. Fits easily in a pocket.


  • You always have to go through the low-html filter, even though the on-phone browser can handle (and often does better with) the version not optimized for mobile use. Stupid. I want to be able to turn the mobile webpage transformer voodoo OFF by default.
  • I cannot change the default home page. What gives!
  • I had one call just drop in the middle while the phone did a soft reboot. Weird.
  • Helio on Top is neat. That I can’t turn off the Helio feed is not neat I don’t care about your stupid music videos. Also, when HOT is on, it blocks the neat message missed summary screen. Leaving it off, and treating it like an application.
  • Not a problem with the phone per se, but when I changed details on my profile I was sent an email reading “You’re profile information has changed.” Classic.
  • It just reboots every so often.
  • I can’t turn off Korean text input in the phone. When I cycle through input modes, I have zero reason to go through Korean. And, it’s exactly what it defaults to in a URL after entering a symbol.
  • For some reason text on certain websites (lick flickr) are always in Korean. This sort of sucks.
  • Worst contact list search ever.
  • Goofy connector interface; can’t just use a 2.5mm headset thing, need to either use the provided one (worst earbuds ever) or bluetooth.
  • There’s this weird disconnect between images on the phone. Like, there’s a photo album. And a screens storage space. And you can move from photo album to screens, but not back. Saving images from the web browser? Go to screens, not photo album. So there’s no way to, say, go to flickr, grab an image, and put it in my photo album, which is dumb, since I can’t email pics from screens.