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I woke up at the crack of 13:00 (well, 10:00 local time), and proceeded to do nothing. This is mostly because I’m not supposed to be in the sunlight on my current medication, so there’s no sense in going outside. I breakfasted/lunched on dried fruit, nuts, and coffee. Not spending any money: Win.

Not much planned for the next several hours; tonight we’re doing a buffet downstairs and then heading to a lounge for drinks and more drinks. Until then my plan is to not do too much; I’m looking for some peace and emotional catharsis right now, and with luck will stave off my impending nervous breakdown.

I put a dollar into a penny slot machine, and now I’m cashed out at 119 cents. I think that’s a pretty good return, and am going to quit while I’m ahead.

Anyhow, rather than bitch about my mental state, I’m going to bitch about other things and people. So, here’s the lounge at JetBlue yesterday:

Why I love JetBlue:

  • It sucks less than American.

Why I hate JetBlue:

  • It still sucks, in most every way.

My biggest problem with JetBlue is that it tends to attract only civilian travel, which means a higher density of people who don’t know how to travel. So, for example, when you’re running to a shuttle down a ramp, don’t stop in the middle of the ramp, block it with your body and stroller, and search for your ringing cell phone. I will topple both you and your stroller and anything in it, and I will enjoy it, despite pretending it was an accident. You’ve been warned.

Or, the lovely lady whose head is featured in this photo. She had a DVD player that she played in both the lounge and all the way through the flight to Vegas. She somehow thought it was appropriate to do this without headphones.

Now, the headphones thing is still sort of a mess, because most people are so deaf (or stupid?) that they jack the headphones to a level where you can hear what they’re watching on TV in flight, and then pass out. But listening to a DVD player on full blast is just an extra step more obnoxious. I’m sorry lady, I know you’re a CFO for some Chinese firm doing business in America, as you repeatedly explained to the realtors next to you; you make enough to afford some headphones, go buy some.

What I hoped was that the flight to Vegas, featuring far less children on average than a typical flight, would be filled with less of the typical child activities. Instead, I just got more adults behaving like irresponsible children.