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So we pushed back from the gate at JFK and were informed that we were “somewhere in line, ATC hasn’t really told us yet, but we’re not in the first 50.” While the “itinerary accounts for this” it didn’t end up counting on the full two hour wait before departure.

Just the same, got into Vegas tonight, and made it to the hotel just before midnight (took the cheap indirect shuttle from the airport), only to have a 15 minute checkin line. Classic.

So far:

  • $3 breakfast of pancake sandwicth (two pancakes, fried ham, eggs)? Awesome.
  • Speed bumps? OMFG. Make it stop. They’re everywhere, and they hurt when you’re in a shuttle over the rear axle, when every hotel and street has a half dozen of them.
  • LAS? Sort of sucks.
  • Strip is pretty at night. It looks better on CSI in HD, though.
  • Yep. Just as much commercialism as I expected. Trying to roll with it.

Anyhow, my body thinks it’s 5 in the morning, and despite my recently filled belly, I think I’m going to get some sleep now. More [whining] to come soon, I’m sure.