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Yesterday afternoon we played the WoW CCG. Much to my surprise, it was not that bad. I used to be a big Magic the Gathering player, though I retired a bit after Revised went out of print (I was informed my rainbow deck and its dual lands are bank right now). I’m pretty sure getting at all into playing a CCG again will ruin my chances of ever resuming a normal life, so I’m resisting that little gentle pull of “hey, now that I’m not 15, I could actually just buy a few cases of boosters.” But it was fun, in a dorky regressive sort of way.

We started our second evening here with the French Market Buffet at the Orleans. It was terrible in pretty much every way. Oh well.

After that it was naps and prettying up for people, and then we went to the VooDoo Lounge. On top of the taller tower of the Rio hotel/casino, it was an interesting place. It consisted of an interior (dull, smoky, crowded) and an exterior deck (not dull). The view from the exterior deck was nice:

I tried to drink my ticket’s worth of “free booze,” and actually found myself dancing a few times, which was somewhat terrifying (probably to those involved and observing as well). Generally speaking things were dark, there was a lot of dancing, and the club featured paid dancers in overlarge combat boots and whatever was necessary to make sure there was no technical nudity. The cell phone pictures don’t really turn out, but this is roughly what the floor on the outside deck looked like:

Interesting to me, anyhow, was I actually saw a club photographer walking around with a Canon 50mm/1.0L, which was the first time I’ve ever seen one of those in the wild. Made a lot of sense, and is probably what I would pick for the conditions had I an unlimited budget (shots would be easier to nab with one of the new slightly slower L super-wide primes, but would cause you to be in people’s faces).

Anyway, we were there until about 2AM when one of our party members got booted from the club. I realized around 3 something when I got to bed that my sleep schedule is completely fucked up, and that was confirmed this morning when I woke ready to start the day at 7:46. Crash incoming.

Getting back to the point, I’m here with a bunch of people who play video games on the Internet together, and we managed to get kicked out of a night club. As insane as it sounds, I’m proud of that. By this point I’d managed 7 gin and tonics, 1 tonic, and three waters. Either I have a high tolerance, or the liquor was watered down, as I wasn’t even buzzing when we left. Obviously I had some alcohol in my system though, or I wouldn’t have been dancing.

At one point the DJ mixed Nine Inch Nail’s Closer with 50 Cent’s In The Club. That was pretty weird, but it sort of worked. I’m embarassed to be saying that. In general the music wasn’t great for dancing, as he kept mixing into cuts that didn’t really have much of a dance beat, but I’m certainly not well qualified to judge such things since this is, probably, the first club I’ve been to.

One of the big downsides of Vegas I’m realizing is that if you don’t like smoking, it’s not the place for you. Between UIUC and Connecticut, I’ve gotten really used to bars not having smoking indoors. In Vegas, there’s smoking everywhere; casinos, restaurants, elevators, clubs, whatever. I think 5 years ago when this was commonplace at most bars, I was more used to it, but having grown accustomed to smoke-free dining and drinking, it’s a bit of a system shock to get thrown back in it, and have all of my everything smelling of smoke.

Long story short, I had a a surprisingly good time last night. At one point one of our party made the accurate observation there were a lot of random drunk girls going home with a lot of random drunk guys, and this was “the point of Vegas, after all.” Indulging in the polite fiction that I ever had any chance at such things (as a digression, I realized standing in the line to go to the bathroom that I was dressed more or less the same as all the guys there, except every single one had a nice pair of black leather shoes on, and I had my corrective tennis shoes; I am clearly not a player, and I never will be), I realized anything involving leaving the club with a random inebriated partner was not something I was interested in, nor was it something I would be proud of in the morning. Vegas is interesting, but I’m not sure it’s really my thing.