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So, I realized yesterday what it is about Vegas that bothers me: It’s like a huge cruise ship and you can’t get off. All the stuff I hate about cruise ships is here, but multiplied to a degree beyond description. I’ve come to realize I don’t get anything out of gambling, I’m not big into smoking, and I’m not about to spend money on shows or things like that, so overall I’m coming to realize it’s sort of “meh” for me. I may try to hit the strip tonight since I haven’t really walked along it too much, but we’ll see.

Last night we hit the Wynn for the buffet. The Wynn is … full of beautiful people. While our off-strip hotel was mostly full of people cashing their paychecks yesterday, the Wynn was like another world. Of course, for 5 to 10 times as much per room per night, it should be. We ate at their buffet, and it was quite tasty, and worth the money:

Course 1: Crab leg (excellent), california roll, salmon roll, jicama salad, seaweed salad, pear and something salad, strawberry/mint/vanilla salad, goat cheese and peppers with white anchovy salad (meh), melon and octopus ceviche (decent):

Course 2: Lotus leaf pork (good), shark tail dumplings (quite good), tandoori chicken (good), mint jelly, lamb mini-steak (over-done and lousy), mushrooms (good), and some sort of fried thing that was alright.

Course 3: Veal (good), prime rib (quite good), braised rabbit salad (good), horseradish, asparagus (good), rack of lamb, apple and walnut alad (good, octopus ceviche, baguette (good), cheesy muffin (bad), osso bucco (good), shrimp ceviche, lamb rib (awful), and three other ceviches (all nice).

Course 4: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin scone thing, madeline, creamy fruit thing, and some terrible coffee contraption. All but the coffee contraption were quite good.

Course 5: Key lime pie, chocolate pie (very nice), and cheesecake (extremely good, to my surprise, was almost savory, and had perfect texture).

Course 6: Chocolate chip cookie of good quality.

My only regrets were I’d like to have tried the other three cookies, the ice cream, the crepes, and some of the salads (they had a hand made caesar salad with anchovies, etc.).

After that it sounded like we would do something fun, but instead everybody went back to the Orleans and decided to play WoW CCG. That wasn’t fun so then we went downstairs to … play slots. Finally we ended up in an onsite bar where there was a decent band playing stuff, but the evening didn’t end up being anything particularly interesting or special.

Tonight some folks are going to shows and fancy dinners; since I don’t really have a date here, I don’t much see the point in that. So I’m guessing it’s going to be a bit of a come-down day, but I can catch up on my reading, I guess.