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Syriana was just like Traffic, only different. Painfully predictable from the start. Questions I came to in the first few minutes:

  • Huh, suicide bomb attack, huh?
  • Agent is going to take a fall, right?
  • Huh, energy trader going to learn a lesson about the value of life versus job?
  • Straight laced lawyer going to find corruption in his own firm?
  • Prince gonna get burned, but he’s such a sweetie, and he’s got such sweet ideas!

I don’t point out that these plots and their conclusions were obvious to me just because I’m awesome. I do it because anybody watching the film can figure it out. Oil is evil, and the United States is making it evil, and is to blame for all the evil in the world. People with the right ideas aren’t heard, and things just keep on going the way they have, because it’s to benefit everything that’s been working to this point.

Took a long time to think that one up, eh?

It’s not an awful movie, it’s just not a good movie either. 6/10.