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Dragon chaser.

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  1. When you are considering going crazy, remember that most of your friends are not equipped in the tools necessary to deal with a crazy person, or with a person saying crazy things. Crazy people say crazy things, and sane people only listen for the sane things, and they miss the important bits.
  2. It’s painful to watch a hero waste away into nothing.
  3. Sometimes you’ll be confronted with a situation where you know you can do better than those who came before you. Months or years later, something will break because of your hubris, not because you were wrong, but because you exposed a weakness in the system. At that time, those who came before you will remind you that they told you so.
  4. There are things you don’t want to happen, that can’t happen. Things that screw everything up. You wish with everything that things stay as they are, and you’re convinced you’ve succeeded until you are blindsided with the realization that you lost long ago.