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When Sarah moved out, she filed a change of address form. I received confirmation more than a week ago, “INDIVIDUAL ONLY.” She received the same confirmation at her new address, I imagine.

Since that looked correct, as advised I saw no reason to contact them.

I noticed when I got back from California that I had no mail. This is odd, because I usually get an Economist every Friday, and my Netflix hadn’t come in, and it’s about four days over-due.

So I called the contact number on the change of address form (1-800-ASK-USPS), and navigated a half dozen menus to be told that I had to call my local post office to get information on change of address. So it offered to find that for me. I gave it my zip code, and it told me the Belden Ave station would work, but there was another option, the main station as well. Wanting to be prepared, I got the number for that as well.

I called the Belden Ave station, and they said it was the main station that handled my mail. So I called the number from the post office and it immediately hung up. Tried that a few more times. Called back Belden Ave office, and they told me that number wasn’t the right number, and gave me a different one instead.

Got in touch with the main office, and we argued back and forth for a while, and I got transferred five times to different people, until finally the manager talked to some guy, and the guy said “they’ve got a whole address change” and I say “I’ve got a an individual confirmation” and she’s like “quiet sir, I’m talking to your delivery person now.” Fun, right? But eventually they said “we do apologize, we have made a mistake” and so forth. Grand.