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I have a fondness for plans. Lists. Schedules.

This week I planned to:

  • Mop all the tile surfaces.
  • Vacuum all the carpet surfaces.
  • Clean all the windows and mirrors.
  • Go around the house at Wiki level and spot clean mucous deposits.
  • Go for a walk each day.
  • Work on some programming puzzles.
  • Read.
  • Brush the cats.
  • Make beef stew.
  • Make bread.
  • Make vegetable stew.
  • Finish Portal.
  • Clean and treat the interior of my car.
  • Wash and wax the exterior of my car.

Instead, I talked to my realtor Friday, and she indicated that she doesn’t think the condo is going to sell. More or less, we’re bigger and in better condition than anybody else on the market for the money at which we’re selling, but nobody is buying. Lowering our price at this point “would be insane.” So, I started stepping back, and thinking in terms of short/medium-term plans which involve keeping the condo.

I’d started renting a storage locker near the condo a couple months ago. I boxed up most everything I owned and didn’t need from week to week, and put it there, with the intent that it made the house look empty (good for showing), and I was ready to move in a weekend or so. I’ve been sleeping on a futon. I have exactly one chair in the entire house (my desk chair), and two folding chairs for the porch. I’m living fine, but I’m living with the intent of moving soon, and it’s not looking like that is very realistic.

So, the first kink in my grand schedule came from deciding that I should unwind my storage locker and close it out. That took most of yesterday and today, and about twenty trips back and forth. I managed to hurt my right knee, back, right wrist, and right shoulder in the process. I rule. I transported everything back, up the porch, and two flights of stairs. It was awesome.

Now, the miracle is that there was a time change this weekend, and that helped. I managed to vacuum the entire upstairs, change (not daily empty, but normal weekend complete swap-out) the main litter box, do all the downstairs glass and mirrors, clean the countertops, make two stews, make bread, sweep off the deck, and roast a load of espresso.

So, I accomplished some stuff, but now I’m so completely exhausted. Not just physically, but some combination of emotional/mental exhaustion as well (are they distinct? I don’t even know), and I feel like doing nothing. I still have a good six or seven hours left before I’ll pass out, but I can’t bring myself to do anything. And, I hate that I didn’t accomplish what I’d intended to accomplish, even if I got other stuff done.