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It took me too long when I last batched an entire chapter up, so I’m not going to go to that extreme, and will be batching these in somewhat smaller chunks. So, with that said, here are the first three challenges from Chapter 3:


10082 was trivial. Accepted on first try, didn’t even bother testing locally.

Where’s Waldorf?

10010 really belonged in the “irritating m by n array” chapter, and has very little to do with strings. But maybe I’m just being bitchy. My solution is extremely hackish and lazy, but it works.

Common Permutation

10252 was easy. I banged my head against it for a bit, only to figure out that it’s another stupid input problem. “Each line contains one string of lowercase characters” apparently means “Each line contains one string of lowercase characters, maybe with some extra spaces, or maybe it doesn’t actually contain any lowercase characters at all, and is actually a blank line, instead.” Need to work on the input specification a bit there, jerks! Maybe I’m just being bitter. My solution is, at least, short.