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I’m sick. I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning, and was sick. I don’t think I’ve even seen anybody lately that’s sick. I’m hoping it goes away tomorrow morning.

Didn’t get what I planned to done this weekend, but did get a lot done.

All the floors are mopped now. I borrowed a bed, box springs, and frame. I borrowed a couple of chairs and a coffee table. I’m still lonely, in a way that doesn’t go away when I see people, but it feels a lot more comfortable here now. I could have somebody stop by without having to say “well, you can sit on my floor.” This makes Loki most happy, as she’s found a new favorite place to hide:

I did make bread again:

And completely unexpectedly, I also acquired two very nice speakers. Then I managed to break digital output from my powerbook, but I’m told there will be a new driver coming out from M-Audio to fix my issue soon. Until then I’m using a crappy external sound card, though it is still the best sounding system I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to when I can use my optical output and external DAC again as that should improve things another half step. The speakers (made by Reference 3A) have the unique quality of no crossover and 92dB of sensitivity, which makes them absolutely incredible with my 9-watt class T amplifier.

So, lots of stuff I wanted to do and didn’t get done. I didn’t program at all. I didn’t read at all. I only went for a 15 minute walk before I was a wheezing mess of myself, and had to retreat. But I got some stuff done, and I’m not ashamed to be in my house anymore, which is good.