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I wasn’t ready to go home yet, to face my family, for Thanksgiving. So I didn’t. But, I also realized I need to start living my own life too, so I wasn’t going to go to Kansas this year, either. I miss people at both locations. Instead I went to California, to hang out with my friends out there, and have a relaxed Thanksgiving. I was still kicking my cold, so it was a bit rough, but I’m glad I did something different. I’m in a bad place right now, but it was nice to not care and just forget about that for a few days.

Of course, now I’m back home, the relaxation has passed, and I’m worried about all sorts of stuff again. My lists are spanning stacks of note cards and I’m losing my mind. I haven’t slept in almost two days now, and I suppose I’ll crash pretty soon. It is what it is.

I was sad to miss Larry’s party. To not see Soup. But I was sick as hell that night, and could barely stand. My cold seemed to get a lot worse while I was out there, and the smallest amount of cool air would just set me off. Still not 100%, back home.

Flight out only left about half an hour late, and arrived on time. I was stunned. Not for long, of course. The Logan flight at the same gate hadn’t even boarded yet, so we had to wait for it. Then as we started moving, a garbage truck dropped some garbage on the apron, and we had to hold lest we have an ingestion risk, while the garbage truck came back and picked up its mess. End state: Arrived on time at 9:30, departed SJC after 11. Yuck. Fucking figures.

I’ll skip to the trip back. Flight was fine, though I couldn’t get any sleep for some reason, so I finished a novel instead. Took about three hours to drive from JFK to home for a shower on the way to work. Some combination of heavy traffic and heavy rain made for painful conditions. Arrived with about three minutes to spare for an interview.

So, I had a good time, though. It was different. There were awkward bits. Sad moments. But it was good for me. I can be my own person. I can survive on my own. I will, I guess. Gave me time to make more lists. Refine them. Destroy them and start over. Lists. Lists. Lists. I’ll die with lists of unfinished things to do.