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So apparently my new heat pump makes a lot of noise when it goes into defrost mode at night. I can’t tell this three stories up, but my neighbor has no qualms calling me at seven in the morning to tell me so. Sorry. New pumps are built to be efficient, not necessarily quiet. Quiet and efficient costs several grand more. Yes, I’m cheap, I don’t think it’s worth it to put a $10,000+ heat pump into a condo unit that I’d really like to sell right now but nobody is buying.

Best option? Mount heat pumps away from windows and living areas. I’m sorry our condo complex was designed such that there are four heat pumps within 5 feet of the window in your bedroom. Life sucks like that, sometimes. Now you know to keep an eye out for where pumps are for your next house. The last thing I need right now is to pay for a service call for technicians to come out and say “yep, your pump goes into defrost mode at night, and the newer pumps are noisier than the old ones. Sorry.” So, go complain to the condo association. I’ll even solve your problem for you, just buy my unit and you can do whatever you want with the heat pump.