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French bread (cheap supermarket variety in this case). Slice of soft-boiled egg featuring yolk. Salt. Peper. Cilantro (hey, there was some stuck on the cutting board). Olive oil. Tomato. Chunk of brie. Broil until bubbly and golden.

We’ll call it pineapple surprise salsa. A pineapple. A red pepper. Two jalapenos. A lime’s juice. Three onions. Some orange juice. Some salt. A handful of cilantro (to hide the jalapenos). The surprise? Let’s just say habanero peppers come in yellow, and there are two of them hiding in there too.

Of course, the real surprise was on me. I’ve got a cut in one of my fingers and I exposed it to the flesh of the habanero. It’s still burning, two hours later, like I can’t describe.

A dozen tomatillos. A jalapeno. A serrano. A cherry pepper. A handful of cilantro. A long green chili. An onion. Some olive oil, some salt, the juice of a lime. Process until puree, then add some minced garlic and another half dozen tomatillos, process less so there are some chunky bits.