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Yesterday the trap on my Hot Top wasn’t closing properly, and the green beans dumped straight through into the cooling tray. Giving it a good shake and a power cycle fixed that issue, but I’m still a bit frustrated. I’ve only put about 28 kilos through it since I got it, and I’m a little frustrated if it’s going to give up. WTB drum roaster in the half grand range that will last more or less forever. Also, I don’t want to pay for it right now.

But, things got worse today. My Andreja Premium now seems to be dead. On brew group pressurization, the needle sweeps to 10.5 bar (it’s been set to 9 bar for several years), and then the pump immediately cuts. The upside of the machine is that it’s full of top-notch parts that can all be serviced and replaced, so it probably won’t necessitate a new machine (which is good when tolerable HX/dual boiler E-61 machines start north of a grand). The downside is that a good HX machine doesn’t have that many parts internally, and I’m worried that most of the parts that can fail are not cheap. I’m hoping it’s just some sort of failed gasket or something, and not the logic board, pump, controller, or any of the valves. There’s been a slow high pressure leak from the boiler for a while, but I can’t spot anything else on visual inspection, so I’m fearing it’s valve or control related. But, then, I don’t really know anything about the internal plumbing and control network, so who knows.

So, we’ll see if I can get the problem diagnosed remotely, and if it’s something I can fix for cheap. If not, I think I’m going to have to be without espresso for a couple of months.