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I had to kill time out of the house while they were showing it again this afternoon. I strolled around Pier 1, wanting to buy some sort of Charlie Brown thing. But, I didn’t want to spend money on it, and couldn’t find anything anyway. See, I have last year’s plastic Christmas tree upstairs, but it’s a multi-hour project to straighten and unpack it, and I lack the lights and ornaments to dress it. Nor do I really want to pack it up once I’m done. See, I’ve had a tree, I think, every year, since I was about 16. But I don’t get to share it this year, and the expense and effort hardly seems worthwhile for just myself.

I went to the store to buy razor blades (for cutting pills, not wrists), cat food, and stamps, and managed to forget to buy the stamps. Balls.

All the stores were full of people holding hands. Going to be a rough Christmas, I think.