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Yesterday I raided with a hunter wearing all ilvl 141+ gear, and who also carries the reputation of being extremely good. My sustained real-world raid damage output over several minutes clocked in just over 900 a second, he was a bit shy of 1000. Considering most of my gear is roughly in the ilvl 115 range (notable exceptions are 4 pieces of T4 at ~120, weapon at ~135, and bracers at ~141, though BoE, so you can discount that a bit), I’m pretty pleased with that result, and I’m half-convinced that I’ve reached the top of my game. Without either moving to the west coast or transferring to an east coast realm, I doubt I’m going to see much change at this point. There’s a chance my guild may get to T5 gear before WotLK comes out, but we’re not going to see Black Temple and Hyjal, by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a few pvp-ish upgrades, and a few small tweaks I can do, and ZA has one or two small upgrades (trinket and boots most notably), but I’m noticing I’m near where I was at the end of the level 60 game now, where, short of being able to raid Naxx and AQ40, I was pretty much geared out.

Anyhow, no idea what my point is, here.

Total time played (Sponty): 102 days, 19 hours, 11 minutes, 56 seconds