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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, my neighbor woke me up between 7 and 8 in the morning, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Saturday I had to be up early so we could hit the city and get Sky back in time for his appointments in the afternoon. This morning I got woken up by work (4AM), and a realtor (7AM). Sure, I should be normal and go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 and then I wouldn’t have a damn thing to worry about. But I may stay up until 2, and may want to sleep until 10 on a Saturday. Or a Sunday.

Plus, now every time I hear what sounds like it could be somebody messing with the door I freak out and wake up and have to go check. Why, you ask? Because I’ve had realtors come through without calling ahead. Better yet, I’ve had them come through without calling ahead, and they’ve left the door unlocked when they left. Being in fear of somebody randomly strolling into your house all day long is a pain in the ass. With the place still showing 2-3 times a week, I’m getting really tired of, well, the place showing all the time. It’s good for the prospect of selling, but I’m exhausted by keeping it presentable and never knowing when somebody is going to come knocking. (Even when they do call ahead, sometimes “calling ahead” is “we’re outside right now, you mind if I show the place?”) Just the stuff you do during a given day that makes the house look less than perfect, stuff you take care of every night anyway, it’s a pain in the ass to try to scramble to deal with it in three minutes. Especially if nobody tells you in advance that they’re visiting.

So, whatever. But I’m sleeping less and less, and it’s starting to take its toll on me, at least in the last 5-day period. I could avoid some of it by not having my phones with me at night, but that wouldn’t be particularly responsible to work or my friends/family. I could avoid, perhaps, the rest of it by drugging myself, but that doesn’t seem ideal either.