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I had a long post yesterday about stupid drivers, and about the tenuous balance of keeping torque to a minimum in my car, while trying to avoid increasing boost pressure during a half-mile uphill pull on snow. But I lost it, so whatever.

I was going to go to Maryland this weekend for a party with some friends down there, but I figured out that weather on the way back is 100% likely to suck. The NOAA models were predicting heavy rain, ice, and snow fall for all the roads along my route back, all day Sunday. I want to make it back Sunday night and don’t want to miss work Monday, so I decided it was unwise for me to make this trip.

I know that I’m making the safe and correct choice. That said, I hate it, because I have a nagging fear that the roads will end up being fine and the second great winter storm won’t actually happen, and all this worry and cautious behavior will be for nothing. In the past I’d just figure “fuck it” and leave, because the roads are perfectly fine for departure right now, and screw whatever happens on Sunday. But the drivers out here are terrible in snow, especially early in the season, and I’m scared to death of them, after seeing them slide backwards down hills towards me yesterday, because they somehow thought they were going to make an uphill hairpin from a standing stop in their front-wheel cars.

Maybe I’m getting old. Now I’ve got to figure out to do with the frozen salsa that’s thawing in my trunk.