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Everybody asks if you’re ok.

You’re supposed to say yes, because that’s the only answer they’re prepared to deal with. Yes, I’m fine.

If you say you’re not ok, they will fumble awkwardly with platitudes until you tell them something that convinces them you’re ok. Are things at least better? Well, nothing in specific happened to make things worse? You know John’s kid just killed himself, at least things are better than that, right? Are you seeing somebody? Getting help? Professional help? Let me know what I can do. At least you still have a job, right? Let me know if I can do anything, alright? I’m here for you. I’m a good listener. Things will be better soon. Hang in there. You know, Roger went through this same thing a while back, and look how happy he is now?

At this point they leave you alone again, even though both parties involved know that you are anything but ok.