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C++ Coding Standards was a good read. For me I found it to be a good refresher on some things, and some solid points otherwise. It aggregates a lot of best practices and useful trivia (there’s a lot of useful trivia in C++ that is unsafe to ignore) from papers and books that came before it, and spend a decent amount of time providing examples and supporting (as well as counter) arguments.

I think this book is up there with Effective C++ as a book that most people that work professionally in C++ should own, though the topics it discusses are not as technical, and come more from the Practice of Programming camp. One of the better bits of wisdom is the discussion of premature optimization, which unlike most diatribes on the topic, also discourages “premature pessimization.” That is, still think in terms of performance, and don’t do obviously expensive or stupid things.

All of that said, if you have several other books on programming and C++ already, I think you’ll find it a bit redundant and meta-heavy, which makes it a less useful member of a healthy library of books — it loses value (except as an index and cross reference) the more books on these topics you own. 6/10.