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Well, my Andreja Premium is back after its unfortunate pump failure, and of course the very first morning I had it up and running again, I managed to dump surplus reservoir water right into the pump compartment. I marvel at my innate ability to completely suck at everything I do. Everything still seems fine thus far; I pulled the back cover off enough to get an air gun in and try to blow out the excess water, but who knows.

Next up, my Concord Impresario is in need of service. It’s losing about a minute a day, and is getting towards the tail end of the recommended 3-5 year routine maintenance and overhaul period. I tried to call Concord to get a quote on what that’s going to cost, but they said my only option was to send it in, and they’d call me with a quote once they evaluated it. Bleh. If you have to ask…

Finally, because that’s not enough already, they determined the cause of my squeaking brakes yesterday is that all of my rotors are glazed over “from aggressive braking.” I’m a bit surprised at this, because I was having brake squeak from my front right (the same one that’s causing issues now) about half a year ago, and they turned the rotor then to fix it. Stupid car, always something small wrong with it. I certainly brake aggressively, but I also make sure to not to follow a hard deceleration with a complete stop, preferring to give a few minutes of time for everything to cool down before coming to a stop. And, it’s a sports car. I mean, honestly… I drove some pricey German cars on a track and liberally applied heavy braking force without any of their rotors glazing over.

Re-turning all of the rotors will run north of $300 (and the figures quoted are always missing something, like tax and something else, so I’ll round up to $400). That’s only slightly less than just buying a complete replacement set of rotors and replacing them myself, though I’d surely fuck up a brake job. But, if I really am glazing my rotors, I’m really not sure how to change my driving in order to prevent just doing it again. The downside if the rotors are glazed is that I’ll get squeaking, and my stopping distance may be increased. Maybe the lazyweb has some ideas. The only thing that comes to mind for me is a technology fix (light alloy wheels to decrease unsprung weight, bigger rotors/larger calipers to increase cooling surface area and decrease intensity of heat transients). But who knows, maybe the dealership is just grasping at straws here.