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So, yesterday I opened a money market account with Citibank. I did this all online, and transferred funds to the account. However, I was not told what my new account number is. Everywhere on the site, it’s listed as XXXXXXXXXnnn, where only nnn are shown as real digits.

Alright, so I called Citibank. They couldn’t give me that account number over the phone, despite verifying with:

  1. My ATM card number.
  2. My positive ID challenge word.
  3. The last four digits of my SSN.
  4. My mother’s maiden name.

So, I had to go into a Citibank branch (for the first time yet, which I guess is still good), and ask a teller to give it to me, after swiping my card and entering my PIN.

Alright, so it’s for security, right?

But get this. The other means for me to get my account number? It’s on my statement. Which is sent to me monthly.

And available as a PDF download online. So the inability to get the account number via the web interface or over the phone? A complete facade, since it’s just as easily available through another feature of the site. Explain that one to me.