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Finished The Average American Male the other day. It was a guilty pleasure, and not for the easily offended. Probably best to avoid it if you’re a woman, in fact. The writing is simple, the chapters short, and most of them focus on the disastrous nature of long-term relationships. Most of the author’s focus is on the decrease in frequency of sex and increase in frequency of inanity.

I think it is probably pretty easy to class the book as a misogynistic diatribe written by somebody with few experiences past college. It would be hard to class it as serious literature, considering that the standard word for a woman is “bitch” in the text, and, well, here’s a sentence picked at random: “As I look down at her fat ass, I wonder if fucking her hard enough will have any kind of slimming or toning effect.”

You get the idea. On the other hand, my guess is the book is somewhat autobiographical, and not an inaccurate representation of what actually does go through the mind of an average American male. Scary thoughts, there, right?

It’s a fast read, and doesn’t take much in the way of intellect to absorb. 7/10.