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I started doing some math, and figured out that I’m drinking more than I thought. So, tonight I decided not to drink, and got a headache as a result. Proof positive, if I’m not being thorough, but I think we’ll just class it as a single data point for now, and not get too excited. Over all, I’m not doing well at all.

Wiki has developed another bleeding lesion on her neck, about one inch in diameter, and I’m concerned about that. If it doesn’t improve soon, I’ll probably take her in for another round of steroids; it’s been a few months since the last course. It would be nice if I could convince her that rubbing something that’s irritated against every slightly sharp surface she can find isn’t going to improve things for her. We’ll see how she does over the weekend. Loki has been sneezing some, which is also abnormal.

On the upside, sobriety found for me the ability to finish a few more programming puzzles (though I’m up past my bed time, which will cause its own headache), while watching a dozen or so How I Met Your Mother episodes.

10041 – Vito’s Family

Nothing too exciting here, my solution is uninteresting.

120 – Stacks of Flapjacks

Whee, I can sort. There is no optimization in my solution, but then optimizing this problem would be a pain in the ass, and (I think) not the point of the chapter.

10037 – Bridge

I thought about this one for a bit; I’ve run into the logic puzzle itself several times before, but hadn’t considered the generalized solution. My solution turned out to be relatively straightforward, and easier than I expected.

So there, an update on my mental state, the cats, and the pointless crap I do in my free time now that I’ve more or less given up on WoW.