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Let the record show that Twitter is the worst thing to happen to the Internet, and I hate it, even if this blog entry reads like a number of Twitter updates.

Hey, guess what? Still not missing WoW.

Five showings ended up being scheduled Saturday, though one got pushed to Sunday (yay no sleep).

Out of the blue (like, over the last couple of weeks), I’ve been having lengthy conversations with the last people on earth I’d have expected.

I now know how to whip a rope end, though only with the easiest method (which while easy and effective, lacks anything to bind the whipping in place, and is prone to coming unraveled). I attempted to use the fancy sail maker’s whipping, but discovered that my rope doesn’t look anything like the diagram, and I couldn’t succeed in adapting the technique.

I remain dubious about okcupid. It’s still fun to kill time there, but I’m not entirely convinced it’ll help me find new social circles, let alone any sort of romantic encounters. I’m not really looking hard for romantic encounters at the moment, to be clear — the last thing I need right now is a relationship. Honestly. No matter what I tell myself. I’ve messaged back and forth with a few people. Usually the people that match the best aren’t people I’m interested in. I don’t know if this is a failing of my ability to describe my “ideal match” (which still strikes me as a bogus concept), or a failing of the algorithm. I’ve answered over 700 questions now, so it should be “more accurate” than before, and the results seem to be getting worse.

The Midwest Teen Sex Show is some high-quality stuff. I found it via Miro, which I am still somewhat confused by. But, lacking cable, it’s the closest thing I have to television, and probably a lot more educational. And entertaining.

I hate it when people show up early for showings. Then I’m still here, and they say “no, you can stay.” But really, you should be gone for the showings, because people like to poke stuff and mess around, and not be impacted or inconvenience by the homeowner. Honestly, if you say you’re going to be here from 2:30 to 3:30, and you show up at 2:00, it’s kind of irritating. I could be naked, having sex on the couch, after all.