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So, I got up to 1001 questions answered on okcupid. I’ll probably answer more. I still have no idea why. Along the way, I’ve noticed an interesting trend: 1) The more questions I answer, the more insane my “matches” become. I continue to not have any hope, which is fine, because I’m not really looking for anybody. Best case, I find some new friends/social circles, and life is grand. Worst case, it was cheap entertainment while it lasted. 2) The more questions I answer, the less well I match people. This is either a product of my moods changing every day, or that as okc gets to know me better, it realizes more and more that there’s no match for me.

That’s okay too.

In other news, I take a quick walk around my car most mornings once I start it up, just to make sure everyting looks normal. It’s not like I’m going to see anything major if there is something wrong internally, but there’s always the off chance I’ll notice something. Worked out this morning, I had a flat on my front left. So, that tire has now been patched twice — once for a screw, and once for a nail. And I got to work a lot later than I wanted. Boo.

As far as cat updates go, Wiki is still not in great shape; she’s still bleeding some from her lesion; sometimes it looks like things are doing better, others worse. I’m going to give it a couple more days and then get her to the vet again, I guess. The lesions have never stuck around this long before, especially after a depo shot.