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OKCupid has lost its fun already; it was cheap entertainment while it lasted, but there’s no point. I’m tired of filling out questions, surfing profiles, and having inane conversations trying to make friends. I’m not expanding my social circle, and I’ve devoted an awful lot of time and energy to whoring myself out in attempt to do so. I have confirmed that a) there are a number of truly crazy people in the world b) I seem to be more likely to want to talk to them than the normal people, based on the algorithm behind okcupid and c) they seem to be more likely to be the ones to search for me. Simple explanations are probably best, so I’m thinking: a) “normal” people aren’t a good match for me, algorithmically b) “normal” people aren’t looking for other people, because they already have plenty of “normal” friends or c) “normal” people don’t exist. I think Occam’s razor is suggesting option c is the most logical explanation. I’m not yet sure if I’m okay with that.

There are random tufts of blood-caked fur all around the house now. It’s sort of distressing. Also, mildly disgusting. More so than the normal deposits of kitten snot everywhere, that is. I’m starting to get concerned as to why her plaque isn’t healing up like before. And why she’s getting sluggish. She never gets sluggish. This scares me.

Also, I’m sorry if I’m just blanket blocking you on IM, and you have something interesting to say. Out of the blue I’ve been getting seriously random IM messages. For example, today somebody just wrote me an IM saying, paraphrased, “hi, I’m a divorced mom of 1, you?” What? Maybe it’s something about bitlbee randomly dropping yahoo messages and I’m missing some context, but it made my head hurt. Like, maybe, “Hi, I read your blog, …” or “hey, we went to school together, my name is X” or … well, I don’t know. I don’t IM with random strangers, sorry.

Getting way off track here. This is a post about programming. I was going to spend the evening reading Greenspan’s book for a few hours, but worked through a few programming puzzles instead. Maybe it’s Knuth’s fault for having a birthday. I think these ones would make him cry, though.

10191 – Longest Nap

Stupid problem. Just a hassle, more than anything. Didn’t put any effort into the solution.

10026 – Shoemaker’s Problem

Another stupid problem. Not even a hassle. Bored of sorting. Solution not worth posting, but I did anyway.

10138 – CDVII

Also another stupid sorting problem. Only reason I didn’t get an AC on first submit was because I didn’t bother to actually run the test input before submitting, and for some reason I tried to make the output overly pretty. I got lazy and used printf because I didn’t feel like the effort to do anything correctly in this problem. Solution is up, and is as boring as the last two.

Only two more sorting problems to go (maybe I just take how easy sorting is with the STL for granted, but seriously, I’m starting to regret my intent to finish every single problem in the book), and then it’s on to number theory and high precision arithmetic. I’m looking forward to this chapter a bit more, as it’s something I didn’t really touch much in school, and maybe I’ll learn something.