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I realized something last night, after I spilled a beer (more accurately I knocked it over without spilling, and then madly attempted to right it before it spilled, which ultimately flung most of its contents out, rather than the knocking it over). Anyhow, I dramatically decreased my nightly alcohol consumption starting on the first day of the year. I’ve held myself to a drink a night (or not at all) when I’m alone, which I think is good for my health. The downside is that in just over half a month it’s made a dramatic impact in my tolerance for alcohol; six beers actually had me buzzing (and causing the aforementioned trouble), whereas before I’m not sure I would have noticed anything.

So, that’s the story behind a girl licking some playing cards clean last night, less most of the details, which aren’t interesting anyway. I didn’t even get to see it, if that counts for anything.

Three showings thus far this weekend, one each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Today’s isn’t until 1:00 (it got moved up from 3:00), which does a nice job of screwing up the middle of the day. I’ve procrastinated, so I guess the complete bathroom cleaning plan is going to be post-showing. I’d intended to sleep until noon today, but a combination of getting up earlier last week and drinking last night meant that I was wide awake, fresh, and ready to start my day at 8.

Loki’s been weird lately. She’s been extremely talkative, even when everything (litter, food, water, toys, blankets) seems to be in order. I don’t know if this is some sort of reaction to Wiki being out of sorts (capsule update: she’s hiding a lot now, isn’t cooperating with pills, droppers of drugs, or her lesion wipes), or just a strange coincidence. She still doesn’t seem to want to be directly on/next to me, but I’ve noticed she’s seldom outside an arm’s reach when I’m sitting somewhere. And of course, since I’m typing about her, she just climbed into my lap. Cats are weird.