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Wiki’s situation continues to deteriorate. The lesion is growing, at a slow rate, and still bleeding at the edges. Using disinfectant/antifungal wipes, I’ve kept her from getting infected so far. This is good, because the location of the lesion means an infection could quickly become fatal. Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time at the current rate, with an open sore and an animal that likes to lick its anus before licking its wounds. And step in its feces and urine. The lesion hasn’t been responding to the oral antihistamines or initial antibiotic course (though on the upside her congestion has been less than I’ve seen in months; yay winter), nor did the depomedrol have any noticeable effect.

So, Monday she goes under again, and they’re going to do a biopsy of the site, and make sure that that it’s still just a plaque from the allergic response. We’ve already eliminated fungal sources as a possibility, but there’s now some concern that the growth could be cancerous since it’s stopped responding to injected steroids.

From there, if everything is still just related to allergic response (we’ll cross our fingers), the next step is to try a prescriptive diet again. If that doesn’t work, we’re on to heavier drugs for the lesion. Unfortunately, both have side effects. The first causes diabetes, and the second is “controversial and has some pretty severe side effects.” Not sure what that even means, but it can’t be good.