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Replaced the hoses for the washing machine.
Removed all of the styrofoam fridge leavings from the water heater closet.
Adjusted water heater. It was set to 120 degrees. It’s now at 150. No more cold showers. Don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. Faucets scald now. It’s awesome.
Got another passive-aggressive letter form neighbor. I think I’m going to start sending her letters. With nonsensical stick figures. Because I can.
Laundry all caught up. Except I forgot to fold the sheets when the dryer stopped, and now they’re likely wrinkled to hell.
Kitchen spotless again. Well, it was until I made dinner, and now there are some crumbs from the bread. Yar.
Ran wire to television, so xbox 360 can stream from the mac without wireless cutout issues. Works well thus far. Still liking Connect360.
Watched Lost S4E1. It sucked. Still hating flash-forwards. Episode felt like a recap. Season two all over again?
Expensive air cleaner/humidifier seems to be helping Wiki. She has zero congestion and the lesion looks slightly healed. Not really interested in flowing a fortune to get another one so I have enough to handle both floors, and it could just be a coincidence, but remaining hopeful. Yikes. Pretty expensive for a hunk of plastic, though.
Loan interest rates were significantly higher than expected returns in the market for the next few months, so got rid of loans. Own my education now. That’s novel.
Sarah let me borrow her television while she’s in California. Playing xbox on LCD TV without shitty Samsung lag? Awesome.
45:33 is strangely listenable.
Wiki’s lesion looked better this morning, but not this evening. Sigh.
Picked up some cheap wine. Battle of the ten-dollar bottles, who will reign supreme? The cheap Spanish wine isn’t bad, despite having no finish, whatsoever.
Watched Helvetica.
Dried cherry white chocolate cookies? Not as good as they sound. And they don’t sound that good.
Have almost collected tax documentation. Need some more W-2, and then I’m ready to get going with that process. Whee.
Time to go to bed.