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Been having a recurring kernel panic on the dual G5; spent some time debugging the dumps and stack traces today. Generally I run into issues during mpeg transcoding. I think the problem is related either to the USB hub (integral to one of the Vantec USB disk enclosures), or the drive attached to said hub (branded Adaptec, has given me some issues in the past), though I’m not sure which. I only see it during heavy sustained reads while also experiencing heavy CPU utilization, and reproduction isn’t consistent.

On the upside, I’ve never seen the FW800 drives appear in the stack dumps, which are usually the downstream endpoint of these sorts of operations. It’s a bit of a pain to troubleshoot though.

I know it’s probably not fair, but I blame USB for all of this. It’s just a terrible system for external storage. I really like my FW800 drives (other than one that suffered a disk failure, but that’s unrelated to the protocol). They’re on a bus designed for data transfer. They’re fast. Very fast. And they don’t crap out like USB does. And they’re not sharing with mice and other stupid peripherals that don’t belong on a storage bus. But, they’re hard to find, and expensive. The only enclosures I can find lately that are of quality that have FW800 support also offer eSATA, which is novel, I suppose. But, I don’t have the grand to spare to replace my USB disks with FW800 disks, so it’s sort of a moot point.