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First, since Wiki’s been getting all of the attention, Loki wanted to say hi. Here she is, having discovered that the DVD player is a lovely place to perch and watch me.

Anyhow, Wiki had her biopsy procedure today. When I picked her up she hissed and cried for quite a while. The tissue has been sent to the lab and they’ll be looking at it in the next few days. She’s a bit sluggish and really ornery, and she’s not supposed to go on stairs (which is tough, as it means I need to confine her to the bedroom/bathroom basically, as the rest of the house is all stairs), but seems to be doing alright. She has two sutures, and is back on another round of preventative amoxi for post-surgical reasons. For now I don’t have her in her e collar, I’m hoping she doesn’t pick at her stitches (remember, this is the kitten that tore out her staples when she got fixed). Part of the problem is the lesion/incision is right where the e collar would rest, so it’s a bit … dicey.

We’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow; I don’t particularly want to work from home, but I want to make sure she’s doing alright. There’s another showing coming through at 9AM, so we’ll see.

Edit: Incidentally, I started running the math. Wiki has become my second biggest expense outside of rent and utilities, averaging, for the last four months, around $600 a month. I guess that serves as a reminder that pets can be expensive, and not to get one unless you can afford it.