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Wiki is now an automatic lap cat. The moment I sit on the futon or in one of the barrel chairs, she jumps into my lap and immediately settles into a ball there. Doesn’t matter if I’m using a laptop (she’ll half sit on that if there’s no room on my lap), playing Xbox 360, or reading. She still doesn’t get near me while on my desk chair, but the other surfaces are instantaneous. Ironically, this is what I’d originally wanted in a cat when I picked the little sick monkey from her cage; Loki has never been a lap cat for men, myself included. So, now I end up with various cat body fluid stains on whatever hoodie I’m wearing (after a couple hours of watching movies and working on some stuff on a laptop, my legs were burning, and my right wrist had a patch of wound ooze on it), but it’s still kind of nice. One of these days I’ll keep a camera handy and take a photo.