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A few things:

  1. I should not have stood outside in socks for an hour. My feet are still numb.
  2. The Slik Master Classic is not strong enough to support a 300/4L and 20D when the camera is not mounted relatively horizontal. I suppose I could have tried using the camera threads instead of the bayonet at that rate, but that seems like an awful lot of stress with the heavy glass out front.
  3. I really wish the 300/4L had second generation IS, and could therefore be used on the tripod.
  4. I forgot how much long exposures drained battery; I burned two battery packs on one 2GB card, and only took about 150 shots.
  5. I dislike that the 20D only lets me push exposure down 2 EV; I needed to switch to manual to get the exposure where I wanted, where what I really just needed was a 3 EV drop.
  6. My left nut for a full frame body, a 1.4X tele-extender, and a 600mm prime. The cropped shots from the 300 aren’t bad on a crop body, but the shot isn’t tight enough, and the sensor noise gets pretty nasty after the exposure starts getting long.
  7. Remote control = awesome.