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Spent the whole weekend moving stuff from the condo to the apartment. Generally, the big problem is that I’m going from a 1500 square foot condo with a large attic to a 700 square foot apartment. While the condo looked pretty empty before, everything looks very not empty in the apartment, and I haven’t moved everything yet.

Part of this is the problem of space. I, at least, accumulate stuff to fill the space in which I’m living. So, when my space is halved, I suddenly have too much stuff.

Part of this is the kitchen, really. The old kitchen at the condo was very large. The new kitchen is small, but to make matters worse has some really poorly designed cabinetry (very narrow, lots of nonfunctional drawer faces with nothing behind them).

The other part is the closets. The condo had a large walk-in, a large linen closet, a small linen closet, two normal closets, and a large coat closet. The apartment has a small coat closet and a small walk-in closet.

Anyhow, I set the tripometer, and I ended up driving back and forth about 240 miles this weekend. I was so used to that that instead of driving to work this morning, I got halfway to Stamford instead, before realizing what I was doing. That sucked.

I’ve come to appreciate the value of a hand truck. Without one, I would be dead right now.

I moved the futon mattress/cushion with the television as padding. As I was moving the mattress into the apartment, both the cover and mattress tore. This wouldn’t be problematic, except the mattress is made of compressed rubberized foam chunks that are about 2mm x 4mm x 12mm. When the mattress tore, it literally exploded these chunks all over the place, rendering any sort of re-sewing impossible. So I don’t have a couch anymore. I’m bummed out by that.

I’m about 70% moved. Still have to do tools, coat closet, clothes, bathrooms, furniture, and fridge; most of what’s left in the kitchen is going straight to storage now. I haven’t looked in the attic yet, I hope it’s mostly empty, or else I’m in trouble.

Getting some help moving the big stuff this coming Saturday, hopefully will have the rest out of the way by then. At least for the next two weeks, I don’t ever want to move again.

Anyhow, more bitching to come, I’m sure. I’ll take some pictures once everything is all in order.