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I like that I can move some things very quickly. My “home phone,” as an example, just requires unplugging from one Internet connection, and plugging into another.

I like that most banks, credit cards, and services have the ability to change addresses online.

But, what I dislike is the propagation delay. For example, I change my address at Citibank. It says “hey, you changed your address, want to order new checks?” I think “Sure, I’m almost out anyway!” So I try to order new checks, and when I get to the site to do so, it has my old address. I call to change my address (I can’t change it online), and they say my bank has to change my address. But I have changed my address with the bank. Well, she doesn’t know what to tell me.

Or, I change my billing address with Discover. The next day I try to buy something, and I’m prompted for my billing zip. I give my new zip code. It doesn’t work. I give my old zip code. It works.

What this tells me is that the entire world (yes, based on this small sample) is still stuck in the world of batch processing. That nobody is really doing just in time information management like they should. And that sucks.