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Back when Radiohead released In Rainbows, I downloaded the album, without paying anything, from their website. When the physical copy was released, I purchased it in a store, that day. The model fails! Except it doesn’t.

So, I tried to do the thing with Nine Inch Nail’s new album. I purchased the $10 digipak online, to be shipped when it’s released, which includes an entitlement to downloading the digital files as well. Shit, $7 shipping? As I was purchasing, I got a transaction timeout and the site blew up.

That said, I still got the purchase confirmation and download link emails shortly thereafter. So I guess the transaction went through.

I clicked my download link. I selected apple lossless, attempted to download, and it aborted after a few seconds. I tried a few more times to resume, and then I was told I couldn’t download anymore. I’d exceeded my download limit. What. The.

So, I wrote their support email, and hopefully the situation will be resolved soon. I’m sort of frustrated by things as they are right now. I want to listen to the album for which I paid money. I know it’s high traffic volume for a little bit, but they had to assume there would be high traffic volume when they released a new album. Traffic spikes are a solved problem on the Internet. It costs money, but it’s a solved problem. People know how to make high volume web sites. Hire them. Or pay them. Or something. Please, if you’re going to do digital content delivery, make sure your site actually works. Don’t screw me out of my money with nothing to show for it.