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I had a service call to fix the laundry room doors, and came home and could not find the cats anywhere. Eventually figured out they were in the laundry room, behind the fixed door. On top of each other. Loki wasn’t moving at all, Wiki was just laying on top of her, both of them squished into a four-inch space behind the washer. I thought Loki was dead, and in some perverse way Wiki was guarding her, because Loki didn’t move once I ushered Wiki out. But, both cats are fine. They’d been sitting there since about 10AM when the door was fixed.

I figured out the way they “fixed” the left laundry room door was to (no joke) insert paper towel inside the runner for the latch to give it a little extra space so it would latch. Since this was a lousy hack, I just removed it, and restored the door to “now the cats can open the door if they want.” Sooner or later the paper towel would compress and leave it in this state anyhow. I’m not going to fight it; I’ve known Loki is smart enough to open doors with bounce/pressure latches for a long time; it takes a bolt and a doorknob to stop her.

So, the laundry room is now the cat room too. I guess that’s alright. Enough with the damn cats.

I wrote an entry about how Blu-Ray killed DVD-Audio and SACD. A blue screen killed it, and I didn’t care enough to recover from the swap file (long story, but anonymous vim swap files on Windows don’t recover properly, and I didn’t care enough to move it to a unix box. Anyhow, I’ll leave the explanation for my assertion as an exercise for the reader.

Closing prep is in full swing and the lawyers are doing the document circulation dance. So many papers signed, routed, signed, routed, etc. Everything looks good so far, other than a showing that happened mid-week leaving the (old) place completely unlocked. Good thing I checked mail Wednesday. Had the lockbox removed, since I was pretty pissed that that happened and I had no call even of who it was that visited. Took a day to get in touch with my realtor afterwards. After carefully walking through every part of the house and checking everything, I discovered nothing was out of order, beyond that a light had been left on in the bathroom. Still, not pleased. I remain unimpressed by the whole realtor system. A necessary evil, at best. I get the sense that they’ve been profiteering in the boom, and they have zero desire to actually work now that things are not easy pickings.

Made some tough decisions this week, but I’m at peace with them.

In fact, actually found myself feeling sort of alright with the world for a while. Hope that doesn’t end, at least for a little while, though I’m sure I’ll manage to fuck it up somehow. I broke out laughing when I discovered a t-shirt in my pillow case this morning. Out loud. It was weird. Perhaps I’m just (finally) losing it. I guess that’s cool too.

Made Cook’s Illustrated‘s black bean soup this evening, and realized that my freezer is now full of frozen vegetables and things made with beans. I should figure out something else I can make ahead and freeze, because having four varieties of chili and some black bean soup is a little silly. I don’t mind cooking singular meals, or just something that’s going to make leftovers for a single day, but I like the price point of things that will make a week’s worth of food, generally speaking.

Amazing realization of the moment: Apple-3 opens tab 3 in minefield. And so forth. This makes me happy.

Anyhow, it’s Friday, and I need to go to work later, so it’s time to go to bed.