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Heard my G5 ding on last night while watching a movie. That didn’t make any sense, but then I noticed Loki walking away from the data center. Boo. She managed to trip the main distribution power strip out the back of the UPS and brought the network and all battery-backed boxes down. So, I guess the uptime record starts now, since the first run was under ten days. I should really just switch to snakes out the back of the UPS, rather than power strips, but that’s a project for another day.

c0   [Sun Mar 16 01:55:55 2008]  INFO      Background verify done: unit=0
c0   [Sun Mar 16 00:05:12 2008]  INFO      Background verify started: unit=0
c0   [Sun Mar 16 03:57:33 2008]  WARNING   Unclean shutdown detected: unit=0

In other news, I’ve discovered line voltage here at the apartment is pretty high; both the UPS and the Fluke are reporting between 122 and 125; average for the last week is at 124 according to the MRTG charts out of the UPS. This works really well for my coffee roaster (gets more heat out of it, which helps with not getting stalled roasts, even when roasting on the porch), but seems to be killing light bulbs.

Couch is getting delivered Tuesday, I think. Still need to figure out living room curtain, card table of some sort, and so forth, and then I’ll probably do a little “welcome to the apartment” get-together this weekend.