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So, I had a party in my tiny apartment. I didn’t realize how tiny it was until there were about 15 people in it. And two cats. Their behavior was admirable. Loki was more friendly than Wiki, it was weird. She’s still not “right” in the new place yet.

Anyhow, the new thing was trying a potluck instead of ordering pizza. I think I ended up spending significantly more this way, but I enjoyed the different experience. I mostly made appetizer things, though I had enough extra ingredients to make a half-assed Spinach/Shallot/Gruyere Strata (I was making one for breakfast today), which turned out okay. Also featured at the party was lasagna, n-meat chili, bruschetta, crudites, pigs in a blanket, muffins, chips and salsa that never got opened, lots of beverages, fruit pie thingy (no idea what to call it), cookies, green bean casserole, beef stir fry, and probably a half dozen other things I’m forgetting. It was way too much food, and therefore awesome. I don’t know if I’ll do a potluck again, or at least next time, and I’m also unsure whether I should try to fit that many people in my place again, but we’ll see.

The condo closed Thursday. Thoughts so far: Renting is underrated.

On to other topics.

For those playing along at home. I have a twelve month lease. A lease break bears a contractual cost, and it happens to be less than a month’s rent. This beats the short-term lease premium, unless I plan on breaking my lease in the first couple months of renting. Caught up with me yet? Think it through. The only reason I would want a short-term lease is if I had a desire to pay to move myself somewhere soon. That’s a brilliant idea. By brilliant, I mean moronic. With whipped cream on top.

If I was planning on moving in the short term, I wouldn’t be settling in and buying furniture. And, everything would still be in boxes in my storage unit, rather than unpacked. And that would mean I’d need a bigger storage unit, as my current one is full of legos, espresso cups, and extra t-shirts.

If this is all still confusing, I’ll put it this way: I hate packing and unpacking crystal. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I wouldn’t bother if I was planning on fleeing soon. While I haven’t unpacked the Vinum Extreme, My cabinets have a lot more Riedel than Corelle right now.


iPhoto keeps crashing on me. I’m not pleased. I don’t mind the new Aperture as a replacement in theory, but it’s way too slow on the dual G5 to actually use.

Mental note, since it took me way too long to figure out why a few pictures sucked: The Fong Lightdome overhangs the 17-40/4L at the 17mm end when pointed full forward, occluding about a third of the frame. Don’t do that. Gah, time for another sensor cleaning too.

Gretchen: Russian. Udders. $1000 in unmarked bills, or the photos go up.