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Went to the New York car show this weekend. Quick thoughts: Ferrari only had an F430 there, no booth. Boring. Lambo eyecandy didn’t know how to wear clothes. It was distressing. Saleen’s new supercar looks cool, but seriously, just buy a real car, right? Kias, Suzukis and Hyundais in carbon fiber, Enkei rims and Brembo brakes for the factory displays? Give me a break. Never going to happen.

Wished they had some more racers and exotics like I saw a Chicago a few years
ago; the Mazda
concept was probably my favorite thing to see in person. The R8 looks
understated and not too large, I like it. The new M3 does not look like suck,
and the M3 race car looks
wicked. That BMW now has as many SUVs as sedans is a bit sad. Also, the 1
series is the same size as the last 3-series. Also makes me sad. I like the new
STi more in person than I thought it would, and the practicality is still hard
to beat.

But it’s still a $35k Subaru. And bigger than my generation. The Evo is worse in this department, the size of a Volkswagen Vanagon. And uglier, to boot. Why do they hate those of us who like small cars?