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I appear to have a PlayStation 3 running linux:

It actually works pretty well, all things considered, though 720p is a bit pixel-constrained for trying to run X11.

Props to Sony; upgrading the hard drive was trivial. Being able to plug in any USB keyboard/mouse is fantastic. The included ability to back up to any attached USB storage device is, well, genius. I’d love to be able to just, say, back up my save games on the xbox to a USB thumb drive. Rather than some proprietary crap. And it all just works. If there were actually games for the thing and the online experience didn’t suck so much, the xbox 360 would be in a lot of trouble. Standards-based consoles are cool. Very cool.

Pet peeve: PlayStation 3 partitioning control in the hypervisor is a cruel joke. You get exactly three options:

  1. 100% of disk to GameOS
  2. 10GB of disk to linux.
  3. 10GB of disk to GameOS

Now, say I have a PS3 with a 320GB disk in it. I wouldn’t mind giving linux, say, 40GB. But I can’t. I can only give it 310GB1 or 10GB. Would it be so hard to add a slider or percentage drop down (even if I only get each 10% increment, it would be a dramatic improvement; hell, even if I could just have 10%…).

1 - Yes, I’m being careless with the “real size” of the disk.