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Have a couple of unrelated thoughts rolling around my mind this morning.

Much to my chagrin, the V2 Steelcase Leap (in fabric, anyhow) feels cheaper than the original. The last piece of furniture to finish out the apartment for now, I was surprised at how cheap the now-plastic back spanner and base looks. The aesthetics are just not at the same level as the old chromed pieces in the original. The excellent feel and support of the chair remains untarnished, and the thing as a whole weighs several pounds less, which I suppose is an upside. Also, it has the added advantage of not looking like much, and I like things of subtle quality. But it lacks the visual panache of Aeron ownership; you’ve been warned, if you care about looks.

I continue to be pleased with my large clad fry pan, it is a joy to use. Without it and my ten inch chef’s knife, I feel a bit awkward in my kitchen. That said, I had an opportunity to use a saucier last night and I didn’t (there aren’t that many occasions for it, and I managed to miss a good one). Oops. Also, I’ve become familiar with gas burners again now after a long hiatus, and I remember why I love them, even on a cheap GE stovetop (all of the appliances in the apartment are GE, and they’re all lousy; the 20-year-old equipment in the condo was far better; the dishwasher does a crappy job and the oven has 50 degree temperature swings, usually running at least 50 degrees hot; it also has no preheat indicator, cleaning cycle, or timer).

Anyhow, back to cooking with gas. I don’t care what anybody says, it gives so much more control than electric elements (to their credit, I’ve not had significant experience cooking on induction cooktops, but the requirement to use specific pans with said cooktops is already a non-starter for me; you’ll ply my clad and cast iron from my cold dead hands).

Re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night, and I can re-affirm the 8/10 rating. It remains the second saddest love story I know, to Lem’s Solaris (the book, not either of the cinematic adaptations).

I was beginning to doubt the service guarantee of Archstone, after a shoddy repair to a door latch (via a paper towel stuffed in the receiver), and the first “fix” to my dryer not drying (they turned the heat from medium to regular; I am not that stupid). However, the second stab at it they figured out that all of the ducting was packed with crap from the prior owners. They ordered a special vacuum, evacuated the ducting, and replaced my dryer booster, and now it can run constantly without an 80dB din. The weekend supervisor remains incompetent, as every “fact” she has told me (about loading and unloading, my dryer, my dryer booster, package delivery, etc.) has been wrong. Without fail. On the upside, the weekday supervisor is exceptional, and that makes up for it. While I haven’t actually tried the dryer yet (been busy), I’m comfortable that this is a complete fix. There is now negative pressure on the lint trap, which means something is working, anyhow. Being able to dry more than a quarter load of laundry in three hours will be a nice luxury.

Long story short, I think most of my recent apprehension that this place is a giant disaster and that I’ve made a horrible mistake is gone now. This is good, since the option to escape the lease penalty-free is about to expire.