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As far as I can tell, TagsAndMore.Com is a scam. I ordered collars from them a month ago, payment processed via PayPal. Since the payment posted (the 12th of March), I’ve received no further emails or products from them. Twice this week I’ve tried to contact them via email with no response. They indicate that orders ship quickly, and I should allow fourteen (!!) days for my order to arrive via postal service. Maybe if I lived in a remote part of Alaska and had to wait for a boat or bush pilot to bring it to me…

They don’t seem to have a phone number listed, and their domain registration is via “Domains by Proxy” so I can’t get a direct contact there. Supposedly they’re in Georgia, but there’s no guarantee that that’s true.

So, don’t waste your money there, if you ever want to see it again, or have any sort of responsive customer service (if they exist at all).


The collars eventually arrived, still no contact from the company, ever.