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Hello, Robert L. Gregory and wife Katherine, AARP member and owner of several greyhounds that couldn’t control their bladders and pissed all over the carpet of my apartment! Please learn to use a change of address form. I’m tired of destroying your bank statements. Please learn to play. Thanks!


I should clarify. It’s not really the change of address that is a problem. It’s that somebody signs up for seven magazines, belongs to four banks, a greyhound society, and has an AARP membership (they seriously mail two or three things a day, no joke), and they don’t bother changing their address with these folks. I’m sure it’s novel to leave all of that stuff behind and start with a clean slate at your new place, but I really don’t care about PC Magazine. When you move, you have to file a change of address form, and change your address with everything. The former is basically to catch stuff that slips through the cracks, but you have to do the work of the second part.

Or something. Oh well.