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In typical white guy fashion (bear with me), I spent the week and weekend finishing watching the first season of Jericho. To be frank, the story is a bit contrived. The situations absurd. The acting often poor. Every episode is full of things that are wrong or inaccurate. For a series based on surprises, every episode is predictable. And, I’ve never seen such abuse of tobacco graduated filters. Every time there’s an outdoor shot, on goes the filters. Make it stop!

But, for some reason, I got sucked in. I think the post-apocalyptic premise of the series is what attracted me to it at first. Yet, I ended up watching the whole damn thing, so there must be something about it. But, unlike Lost, it didn’t have the writing talent to try to make more of a weak premise than ever should have been possible. It did start getting better in the second season. But not good enough. That it was canceled was the right call.

Oh well.